"It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better." -  John Ruskin 1819-1900

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Luke, two weeks ago while I was in Valdez, I asked James to assist me in supporting CAPT Ferrone (SeaRiver) on a tour/info gathering meeting of KPL.
James made the time and as per the below email did a professional job answering questions while facilitating a tour for CAPT Ferrone.

Thanks again,

CAPT. Paul Mehler III, USCG (ret)
Senior Port Captain - Alaska


Keywords: Andeavor, Tesoro, SeaRiver, KPL, Alaska Maritime, General Sreamship

AS Klaveness Chartering:

It is good to have done this exercise both in Seattle and Columbia River which gives us great knowledge and to give us the tools to take fast decision now or in the future.

I have to say I am very impressed with the efforts made by your company in all 3 offices now during the holiday season. This shows that Klaveness have a trusted and very competent partner in your good company which we will remember in the future.

Dagfinn Asmyhr

Senior Operations Manager
AS Klaveness Chartering

Keywords: AS Klaveness Chartering, Impressed

We thank you all in General Steamship for your professional assistance during vessel’s call in New Orleans.

Best regards,
On behalf of Bulkhandling Handymax AS
Capt. Helmut O. Bogdan
Regional Operations Manager
Klaveness AS

Keywords: AS Klaveness Chartering, Gratitude,

Thanks for your research Ray - I will pass all these to DA Desk for their comments/investigation. What is most important for me, is that we fix the problem and ensure such bank details requests are always verified for authenticity. Great job by you asking in advance, resulting in us being able to identify this gap. For all practical purposes please always ignore change of bank details requests, and call in order to verify.


Keywords: AS Klaveness Chartering, Gratitude,


Dear President Scott Jones,

Happy New Year!

On this Sunday - Jan/9th - ASBA will be reaching impressive 82 years of existence! Congratulations on such a special date!

As you once said, keeping an Association relevant to the needs of its Members is always a huge challenge. In this regard, knowing all the services and hard work done by ASBA, I am absolutely sure that all Shipbrokers and Agents in the United States and Canada must be extremely proud for all that has been achieved by ASBA during the last 8 decades, always working to fulfill its main purpose of fostering ideals and standards of personal and professional conduct and practices.

From our side, on behalf of our Executive Committee and all our Members, I would like to express our most sincere thanks to you, your Board of Directors, Jeanne, Cris and all others involved in the Association, for all the invaluable assistance given by ASBA over the years!

ASBA has been a Member of FONASBA since 1970 and during all this period has certainly been one of our main and most important supporters! I can only hope that FONASBA has managed to have also been important and relevant to the needs of ASBA and your Members!

Kind personal regards,
Glen Gordon Findlay

Keywords: ASBA, FONASBA,

Asuka Cruise:

To Mike Hubbard and Alan Miciano:

On behalf of Captain [Name Removed], the officers staff and crew, we would to thank you all for the great service that we recieved during our stay in the port of San Francisco.

We would like to thank especially Bob Coriminas for assisting with the loading and off loading of the show equipment. Mr Coriminas always goes above and beyond to assist with the serice of [Vessel Name Removed].

The passengers and crew enjoyed thier stay in the windy city and we all look forward back to returning to one of our favorite port in the near future

Best Regards
Bob Tanaka
Cruise Director
M.S Asuka II

Keywords: Asuka Cruise, Gratitude, Assistance,

Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd:

Good Day Mr Garcia,

I would like to thank you for your good co-operation and for all the arrangements made by your side during ship's staying at GOLA.

All the best &
Best Regards
Capt. Eleftherios Kouliatsis
Master of M/T Athenian Harmony

Keywords: Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd, Cooperation,

BBC Chartering:

Thunder Bird [Voyage #] ESTIMATED DEPARTURE DA (Everett, WA - Pacific Terminal)


Thanks for your below swift summary + thanks for your esteemed service rendered to our good vessel. We experienced a very professional and decent attention of yours. Looking forward to future calls under your agency!

Best regards,

BBC Chartering GmbH
Torsten Mansveld
Senior Operator

Keywords: Thunder Bird, BBC Chartering, Everett, Washington, Jacob Arntson, General Steamship

Canuck Energy:

Subject: Re: MT Torm Freya - Bunkers

Awesome. Thanks for all the great work yesterday. David Coderre Canuck Energy Inc.

Keywords: MT Torm Freya, Canuck Energy, General Steamship

Chandris Hellas Group:


Thanks for your reply via telcomm.

For sake of good order i hereby confirm that we'll be using UPS for a total cost of [amount removed], as per your e-mail.

Thanks for your continuous care & ALL your kind efforts, that are appreciated.


Andreas N. Trilivas

Keywords: Chandris Hellas Group, Appreciation, Gratitude,

Cockett Marine:


I want all to know that I very much appreciated your knowing professionalism and attitude in dealing with a unique situation . I wish everyone in the industry was as personable , hard-working and trustworthy as yourself . Long may you reign in whatever guise or form that currently takes . We have known and recommended Gensteam for a long time - I now know why and will never even look at anyone else on that coast!

Thank you again for making a difficult situation more manageable .

(Cockett Marine - bunker brokers/suppliers)

Keywords: Cockett Marine, Gratitude, Appreciation, Trustworthy


Dear Brian,

Thanks for your message incl. the pictures.

The very good impression of Alaska Maritime Agencies which your colleague John Adams has "left" with us for the port call of MV Jette due Valdez was reconfirmed by the very good assistance which was offered to us from you for the port call at Anchorage.

Look forward to working with you once more in the near future.

Best Regards
Ulrich Feindt

Keywords: Coli Project Cargo GMBH, Gratitude, Assistance,

Crowley Maritime:

From: Master EvergreenState [email removed]
Sent: Friday, September 8
To: Gensteam Seattle Operations [email removed]


Thanks for all your awesome work during our port stay. Gensteam Seattle sets the bar high for service and support.

Much Appreciated.

Best Regards,

Kevin Griffith
Master, Evergreen State
Crowley Petroleum Services: Safe and Reliable Petroleum Transportation

Keywords: Crowley Petroleum Services, Evergreen State, Seattle, Puget Sound


Thank you very much for the annual apple feast. Greatly appreciated as always. It's been another great year and has been a pleasure working with you and your team. Here's wishing you and yours a Happy New Year. Please pass these same wishes along to all at General Steamship.

Best Regards,
Mike McCallum
Sr. Analyst, Finance | Crowley Technical Management
Crowley Maritime Corporation | Crowley.com

Keywords: Crowley Maritime, Gratitude,





Keywords: Dorval, Gratitude,

Evalend Shipping:





Keywords: Evaland Shipping, Appreciation,

Evergreen Shipping:

To: Brian Mahoney - San Francisco Operations
Subject: Thank you for doing a good job

Hi, Brian :
I want to thank you for your professionalism and consistently good and hard work with Evergreen, especially on [Vessel Name Removed recent case. It continues to be a pleasure to work with you. Again, thanks.

Best Regards

Capt. C. M. Leng
Marine section for West Coast Ports
Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation as Agent for Evergreen Line

Keywords: Evergreen Shipping, Gratitude,

Fairfield Chemical:

Thanks Cory,

And another pat on the back for getting us into KM after hours! Really appreciate the assistance and know that this does not go unnoticed.


Devon Marcinko

Keywords: Fairfield Chemical, General Steamship

Well done all for getting this organized and sorted quickly with reduced delay and disruption. It was particularly important to get this cargo off here in the river to minimize impact for the next loading.

Thanks for your efforts, particularly Gensteam in bringing it all together.


Captain Steve P Byron
Technical Director Operations
Fairfield Chemical Carriers

Keywords: Fairfield Chemical, Gratitude, Appreciation

Hello Gen Steam,

Thanks for Rudy's & Marcial's help last night getting the PtC PX Tank Inspection for Baytown sorted out.

We appreciate their Good Work & Assistance.

From Brkr:

Nice work sorting out the goofy situation with the inspection order. Will let charts know how heads up the Owners are!!

Atta Boy to you guys.

Thanks again.


Best regards,

Capt. Darren McGowan
Fairfield Chemical Carriers Inc.

Keywords: Fairfield Chemical, Gratitude, Appreciation,

Good morning Bentley!

Thanks for your help with the Brilliant! Excellent and smooth transit and rotation through the river!! Good job!


Captain Steve P Byron
Director Technical Operations
Fairfield Chemical Carriers Inc

Keywords: Fairfield Chemical, Gratitude,


Subject: RE: Federal Tweed - Soundings

Hi Joseph,

Thanks very much for the below – much appreciated.

Also big thanks to Andrew for all his help with the Federal Tweed over the past few weeks.


Austin Neuendorff
Fleet Operator

Keywords: FEDNAV, Federal Tweed, Appreciation,

Florinda, Oldendorff:

Good day John

Thanks again for your fast action in sorting out the issue with bunkering on the Florinda.

Very much appreciated!

Best regards

Keywords: Florinda, Oldenorff, Appreciation,

Golden Ocean Shipping:

Dear Jacob,

Credit to you for the hold inspection guidance to vessel as well.
Many thanks for the assistance and quick attendance during vessel’s time in Tacoma and Seattle, especially with the bunkering.
Much appreciated from owners.

Well noted the breakdown of expenditures. Once we receive the FDA via DA-Desk, we will approve the payments accordingly.

Fabian Yeo

Keywords: Golden Ocean Shipping, Golden Ioanari, General Steamship

Grieg Star:

Thank you for your Kung fu kick-lightning-fast response.
I really appreciate it.

Have a nice day!!



Good Day Miki,

Please find enclosed signed copy of SOF and NOR for the Star Ismene
V-201301, calling Stockton.
Thank you very much,
Noel Quezada
General Steamship
Stockton CA
Operations Vessel Manager

Keywords: Grieg Star, Gratitude,

Grieg Star (Canada):

Thank you Joseph, another job well done.

Ryan McFarlane, CITT
Port Captain (WCNA) |Grieg Star (Canada)

Keywords: Grieg Star, Gratitude,

Hayne Shipping Co, LTD.:

Dear Evan / Jina

First of all, we really appreciated your hard effort. You must be very tired from vessel's arrival. Really regret for this issue, and we don't want to imagine the case we didn't nominated your good agent as our protective agent.
Anyhow, hope all will be completed in order at the end.

Repeat again, thanks for your cooperation and we expect our next good business in near future.

Thanks and regards.

From: Evan Jones [Gensteam Portland]

Hi Jina,
Quick update. Vsl has completed loading alongside. TTL cargo on board ----------MT. Midship draft is 13.2 meters, yet max departure draft for Columbia river is 13.1 meters. River pilots have decided that they will accept the over laden vessel for direct sailing to sea, and she will not be required to shift to anchor to await max tide. We were VERY lucky this time. Over laden vessels are usually required to wait for max high tide and/or proceed to layberth to discharge cargo in order to sail. It is the chief mates responsibility to ensure vessel does not go over max draft and to tell the terminal when to stop loading. He did not do his job. I have noticed a disturbing trend with this vessel since her arrival. First off, chief mate did not know at all how to complete stability calculations on arrival and now, has allowed the vessel to load cargo over max departure draft. Further, he was not able to tell NCB surveyor how much ballast water was on board for sailing and where it was located on the vessel. I have frankly not seen a crew so inept in all my years as an agent. For your sake, I would exercise extreme caution fixing US grain with these owners/management company in the future. It requires the utmost knowledge and attention to detail, a lack of which, could lead to significant economic hardships for...

Reverting with departure details. Vsl cleared for departure by NCB 2115 hrs LT.

Evan S. Jones
Vessel Manager

Keywords: Hayne Shipping, Hard Effort, Cooperation


Good afternoon Dylan,

Thanks for the excellent attendance on this vessel.

Please provide copy of full set of cargo docs soonest they become available.

Best Regards,

Keywords: Ifchor North America LLC, General Steamship



Very TOP service, pls keep like this, thank you.

Best regards
Carlos Cabado

Keywords: ITALMAR 3000, Genseral Steamship



Please note that everything went well with [Name Removed] and the "new" B/Ls were accepted without issue.

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who had a part in this "rescue mission" in your organization and beyond, for all their assistance and kind cooperation.

I especially appreciated the constant follow-up throughout the process, and the fantastic team work.

Thank you.


Nancy Navarria

Keywords: Itochu International INC, Gratitude, Assistance, Cooperation,

Koch Carbon LLC:


Thanks for all of your and Gensteam's efforts on this vessel! Great job.


Tim Shadoin
General Manager - Distribution/Logistics
Koch Carbon LLC

Keywords: Koch Carbon LLC, Gratitude,

Koch Fertilizers:

Good Afternoon Gents,

I wanted to pass along some unsolicited comments recently received from the Clipper Orion.

When calling new ports, I typically ask the Masters for feedback regarding the port call so we can adjust/review as needed on future calls (any issues, agent performance, terminal performance, etc, etc). The Clipper Orion recently called Caojing, China and Captain Divinagracia provided the following:

"Agent Performance: The best is to call them after sending email just to confirm everything is OK according to plan. Agent is fluent in English so no problem to call them. Aside from email issue, I don't have any more complains from them. I hope the Agent in TAFT will train them (Dylan), the best agent so far I work with."

Considering this vessel and Master have literally been all over the world for Koch's Ammonia Program in the past 3+ years, that is some pretty high praise for Mr. Dylan. Frankly, I am not surprised as this is the same consistent message I get each time I visit a vessel that has been to Taft and worked with Dylan.

Unfortunately, we usually only discuss the negative feedback received or mistakes that happen (although usually not much negative feedback or mistakes regarding General Steamship). So I wanted to be sure and make it a point to share this unsolicited, outstanding compliment and thank General Steamship and Dylan for all that you continue to do for Koch's Ammonia Program and our Vessels. We are ALWAYS well served by your attention to detail and continuous, proactive, problem-solving, top-notch service. Your dedication, passion, and professionalism is very much appreciated!

Thanks again.

Best Regards,
[Name Omitted for Privacy]

Keywords: Koch Fertilaizers, The Clipper Orion,

Koch Industries:

Hi Charles and Gen Steam team!

I think Rob may have already talked to Sarah Storm, but I wanted to let you all know that I am transitioning back to the rail team to schedule the new production that will be coming on due to the Enid production plant expansion. With this change, Jarrod McCurry, who I know you have all worked with on the liquid side, will be transitioning to handle the dry bulk vessels for NA and SA and continuing to oversee the liquid side. In the meantime, he is training Sarah to handle the day-to-day of the liquid vessels.

First, I want to thank you all for the great working relationship during my time in the vessel distribution world. I can’t say enough good things about how professional and supportive Gen Steam is to our business at Koch. I have also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of you a little better as well! Hopefully, we will still be able to stay in touch.

Secondly, please remove me from the River Report and other updates. Jarrod and I are working to make the transition as smooth as possible so if there are any outstanding issues on previous vessels, please let me know and I will work to clear them so the hand-off can be smooth.

Thanks again for everything!

Melissa Flowers

Keywords: Koch Industries, Gratitude, Gensteam

Liberty One Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG:

Dear All,

would really like to thank you for the good services provided.

First time I met such a well organized agent.

Please pass my thanks to Joseph Tabisola.

Lutz Baltrusch

for and on behalf of ownersas agents only

Keywords: Liberty One Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG, Gratitude

Mitsui O.S.K. Bulk Shipping:

Good day dear Rodolfo,

Sorry for my belated response, signed BL received well with many thanks.

Yes, looking forward to working with you again in near future!
Thank you for all the patience.

Best regards,
Maiko Masuda (Ms.)

Mitsui O.S.K. Bulk Shipping (Europe) Ltd., London
Bulk Carrier Division
for & on behalf of MOL Bulk Carriers Pte. Ltd.
10th Floor, 3 Thomas More Square, London, E1W 1WY

Keywords: Mitsui O.S.K. Bulk Shipping, Gratitude,

MV Svenja - Heavy lift:

Tom / Helge

Long time no hear. Hope you are doing fine. FYG, our Svenja is again scheduled for the Cook Inlet in Alaska in order to perform the installation work which could not be done during the last year. As per latest schedule, the Svenja will arrive at the Cook Inlet by mid May. According to the information we have received from the charterers, the Svenja is expected to stay there for about 60 days. As we had good experience with your company during the last call, we would like to take you as agents again.

Pleased to receive your acceptance.

Best regards

Keywords: MV Svenja - Heavy Lift, Svenja,

NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.:





NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.
Tramp Chartering Group,
Ocean Going Tramp Team-1

Keywords: NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Gratitude, Assistance,

Ocean Shipholdings:

From: Pat Rathbun [email removed]
Sent: Tuesday, August 8, 2017 9:28 AM
To: Gensteam Seattle Operations
Subject: Isabel Agency Appointment Voyage 001

Thanks again Andrew.

Always a pleasure working w/ you & your offices.

Captain Patrick J. Rathbun
Port Captain
Ocean Ships, Inc

Keywords: Ocean Shipholdings, Isabel, Agency,


No worries. I got copied from the CAPELLAMAIL address. You and your agency once again proved what a great relationship and trust has been developed over many years. I always know all I have to do is ask when we need something and you all would take care of it. It's been an extremely successful year for us with these two ships in Portland. We had to convince many folks we could make it happen if we could remain there, and fortunately it proved out.

Many thanks again for everything. Please pass my best regards along to Russ.


Keywords: Ocean Shipholdings, Trust,

Olam Group:

Good day and thanks for sorting out the matter with the port on our behalf. Your attention and efforts are well appreciated [ Topic is in regards to complicated labor port costs ]

Rey Tapic

Keywords: Olam Group, Gratitude, Attention, Effort,

Oldendorff Carriers:

Dear Mike,
Dear ray,

Please be informed that I’m safely back in Germany.

I want to say thank you very much for your great assistance before, during and after my ship visit at Astoria anchorage.
Compare to other agencies and ports in US - it was my best experience made with you and your agency.

Hope we can work together again when I’m in the area.

Have a great Day

Best regards

Keywords: Oldendorff, gratitude, best experience

Dear Sir,

Good Morning too.

Herewith acknowledged safe receipt of your mail as below and also rcvd in order the attached SOF for our vessel.

Many thanks for your kind attention and assistance rendered to us in Houston.

Best Regards,
Capt. R. Mendoza Jr.
Master of MV Ikan Jepun

Keywords: Oldendorff Carriers, Assistance, Attention

OSG Overseas Shipholding Group:

Good day, Carlos.

This is to confirm receipt of your below message with attached Offshore Clearance.

Again, in behalf of the officers and crew of the Overseas Rosalyn, I would like to thank you for your support during our stay in Galveston Offshore Lightering Area. Previous endeavor would not be as smooth as it turned out without your assistance.

Thank you very much and looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Best regards,

Capt. Paul Greg L. Macaraeg
Master, MT Overseas Rosalyn

Keywords: OSG Overseas Shipholding Group, Gratitude,

Oslo Bulk:

To: General Steamship - Philadelphia Operations
Hi Jesse,

It is really good to hear from you again, we are settled in Singapore and enjoying life here very much. As aware, our [Vessel Name Removed] is en-route Houston arriving PM/12th, both Tom and Fields are displaying the usual high standard of service levels which I have come to expect from Gensteam over the years. Although we are relatively new player, there is a wealth of global commercial experience in both our offices here in Singapore and in Oslo, and we are all working hard to expand our fleet, office base, and trading areas.

Pleas pass my regard to your family and the Philly Team!

Kind Regards,
Heath McDade | Operations Manager

Keywords: Oslo Bulk, Gratitude, Quality Service,

Pac Alnath - Vessel Repairs:

Dear Dabbie,

Many thanks for your excellent service on Dutch. You enabled things to run very smoothly. It was much appreciated and it was nice meeting you.

Also many thanks to Luke and Jesse for arrangements in Anchorage.

All the best!
Roger Bannister

Keywords: Pac Alnath, Vessel Repairs, Gratitude, Excellent Service,

Patriot Contract Services, LLC:

Hi Kyle-Couldn't end the week without a thank you for the late night on Wednesday making sure our guys were acknowledged with ground transport arrangements when they got to Houston! Thank you! \
You are a recipient of our AAA---Awesome Activation Award! Only those who are answering emails or texting after 9pm (PDT) on 3/20 are entitled! All 3 ships- fully manned with all crew arrived within 48 hours of notice! (well- we still have one exception- the one who went to SFO airport this morning instead of OAK airport!)
Thank you for your assistance and help! My entire crewing department thinks you are awesome! Enjoy a Great Weekend!(And, we get to do this all again in a week or so to send them home!)Captain Margaret M Reasoner

Director Labor and Operations

Keywords: Patriot Contract Services LLC, General Steamship

From: Jessica, Courtney
To: Kyle Bailey

Good Afternoon Kyle,

You and your crew have been a tremendous help.

Thank you.


Jessica A. Courtney
Patriot Contract Services, LLC

Keywords: Crew, Agent, Patriot Contract Services, Houston

Resolute Bay:

Subject: Resolute Bay

Dear Paula,

I just came back from my long trip to US and wanted to say thank you for the assistance during my visit.
I would also like to use this opportunity to leave a positive feedback about the courier Rachel Gibson.

From the perspective of short visiting surveyor, you’ve been the most convenient and efficient agent in the US so far.

With thanks and best regards

Ilja Kondratjuks
Marine Surveyor, Isle of Man Ship Registry

Keywords: Resolute Bay, convenience, efficiency, gratitude

SAL Heavy Lift:

Dear Evan,

Thank you for below explanation and the attached final da. I have included our disbursement account colleagues for their knowledge and we will come back later on if any questions may arise.

At the same time please let me express my sincere appreciation for the good job you and your whole team was doing with our Frauke at Longview.

It was certainly not easy for all of us with the decision going back and forth but we managed to circumvent these issues with a very good communication and coordination. I am looking forward to the same good performance at San Diego now.

Best regards,

Keywords: SAL Heavy Lift, Frauke, Appreciation,

Sikuliaq - Research Vessel:

Tom and all of the AK Maritime Agency staff have been a fantastic team to work with.

Linda Lasota

Keywords: Sikuliaq, Fantastic,

Sojitz Corporation:


Dear Russ, Evan,

Thank you for coming to see us in your busy schedule and thank for inviting us for lunch today.

We appreciate your hard work for the last two shipments and especially for the fire incident.

We will await an official letter from
Cowlitz fire department next week.

Best regards,

Koichi (Andy)

Keywords: Sojitz, gensteam, thanks, cowlitz, shipment

STX Pan Ocean:

Good day.

Thank you for your reply.

We have delivered your comment to our grain operation department and they would notice the particular situation. Please keep monitoring and looking for a solution for this problem.

Except for that, your good company have been evaluated excellent score from all of our operation teams. You have provided the satisfied service to us, and you have shown such high-qualified service for many years and we regard you as the most favorable and excellent agency.

Thank you very much for your continuous cooperation.

Best regards/Jisoo Park

Keywords: STX Pan Ocean, Cooperation,

Sumitomo Corporation:

Good day Mike,

Attached is the signed SOF which I already emailed over to LDC.

Our sincere thanks to all at Portland General Steamship for their support to Sumitomo for this vessel.

Thank you & best regards,

Carmen Turner

Keywords: Sumitomo Corporation, , Mike Champlain, Appreciation

Dear Mr. Ray.

Thank you for your timely report and the other detailed report.

We appreciate all of your kind support.

Best Regards,


Keywords: Sumitomo Corporation, Appreciation

Tesoro Maritime:


Thank you for all the documentation and reports. Extremely helpful.

Much appreciated,


Captain Marc Bayer I Senior Director, Shipping Operations I Tesoro Maritime Company

Keywords: Tesoro Maritime, Appreciation,

Thorco Shipping:

Good morning Kyle,

Thorco had the Thor Thunder in Long Beach yesterday loading IMO Containers and I just wanted to drop you a line and say how impressed I have been with the agent in charge of the vessel; Carol. This ship has been headache after headache and Carol has at all times been friendly and professional. I have spoken more with Carol over the past 2 weeks than any other agent and it has always been positive. All our best laid plans from the 2 weeks leading up to the vessels arrival fell apart last night due to issues with Coast Guard and Class, and yet Carol kept an even head, kept the pressure on, picked up and delivered last minute materials, and got the vessel out. Things ended up being quite a mess and yet she kept everyone informed and we were able to get the vessel loaded and gone. I think she deserves some recognition for her exemplary work and wanted to express my gratitude for her patience and professionalism.

Thank you and my compliments to your team. Best regards

Jesse Huebner
Operations Manager
Thorco Shipping A/S

Keywords: Thorco Shipping, Thor Thunder,

Toko America Team:

Dear Paula san,

Received that the crane wire was passed the crane inspection,
thank you so much for your information, reporting, arrangement and cooperation.

Your kind attention is highly appreciated !!!

Best regards.,
Toko America Team

Keywords: Toko America Team, Cooperation, Appreciation,

Trammo Inc.:

General Steamship

Dear Chris,

I'll like to extend my gratitude and thank you for your good efforts and Agency work. Indeed by loading 10,965.300 MT we practically fulfilled our interest and appreciate you for keeping me well informed thru the loading process.

Thank you!


Ivan Jassir
Vice President Logistics
Trammo Inc.

Keywords: Trammo Inc, Gratitude,

U.S. Customs and Border Protection:


With our recent incident on the [Vessel Name Removed], I was curious if you could pass on a "thank you" to Tom Nesbitt. Not only was he flexible with coordinating our transportation from the Kenai airport, he was also very helpful when we were in a time of need. As you know, [Name Removed] took a bad fall on the vessel and Tom was with us the whole way. Without hesitation he got to the airport and rebooked on a later flight, then kept in contact with me to help coordinate anything we needed. Before the night was done, Tom had waited at the hospital for [Name Removed] to get released, rebooked our flights, took us to the pharmacy, and got us to our flight on time. Tom's help in all the logistics made our day a lot better than it could have been.

It is always nice to deal with a person that goes above and beyond.


Kenneth L. McKenzie
Acting Supervisory CBP Officer
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Anchorage, AK

Keywords: US Customs and Border Protection, Gratitude, Flexible, Above and Beyond,

U.S. United Ocean Services:

Tom, Shannon, & All concerned.

We just finished up a very busy & productive,
Port of Call in Long Beach / San Pedro, CA.

IE: USCG Letters for Hot work & lay berth ETC. Stores, Crew Change, Bunkers, DNV Repairs,
Hot Work Permit, Divers, USCG Visit, CA. State Officials, Several groups of Surveyors,
Electronic repair / upgrades, Mail and more. Thank you all for the collective shore support & back up in assisting us in getting all this completed in
a timely fashion

Also, a special thanks to General Steamship Corp. As Agents
with an honorable mention of boarding agent, Ms. Carol-Beth Sheley,
Carol is awesome and came through for us with all of our MANY requests, wants, needs & last
minute desires.

Over-All this was a very productive & successful Port of Call.

This thanks again for ALL the great shore support from you all
and the local building agent's tenacity & follow through to get the job done well with the local players,
USCG, including the logistics for the Cargo Load.

Best Regards,

Master, MV Sheila McDevitt
U.S. United Ocean Services, LLC

Keywords: US United Ocean Services, Gratitude, Productive


Good morning.

Just want to thanks for the good cooperation and support you’ve shown during

Formalities and inspection.

Best Regards,Capt. Marlon MARI/AS




Dear Kyle,

Great job. Many thanks for all your efforts in persuing LDC to allow inspections/bunkering at their terminal prior to commencement of loading, and to work OT at 50% rate. This should help to complete loading faster and reduce the Port Stay.

How many hrs of OT LDC intend to work every day?

Kindly resend us your revised PDA for our necessary action

Best Regards
Shahab Madni

Keywords: UNIOPS, LDC, Gratitude

USNS Stockham:

Good morning Francisco,

Thanks. Your direct participation was a significant contribution to Stockham's, and the overall, success of the PALS exercise.

We look forward to working with you and General Steamship in the near future.

John Engle
Port Captain - MPF
Crowley Government Services, Inc.

Keywords: Stockham, PALS,


Good day Andrew,

I am back to Boston. Want to say thanks for excellent support and preparation for the belt replacement on CSL Thames. All went well there and in time.

Thanks and best regards,

Feliks Krut
Senior Fleet Superintendent - V.Ships USA LLC (Boston)
as agent and manager only for and on behalf of the owner

Keywords: V.Ships, CSL Thames, Excellent Support,

Western Bulk Carriers:

Hi Evan,

Well received. Thanks as usual for the great service and have a nice weekend

Best Regards,
Charlie Russell
Operations Manager

Keywords: Western Bulk Carriers, great service

Yara NA:

Good Morning Ron,

...[I understand per our conversation that inclement weather is expected in New Orleans so we are likely looking at bringing the vessel into the berth later today or early tomorrow and the discharge would commence Sunday April 14th once the weather clears.

Please let us know if you need any more details from Yara NA. Thank you very much for all of your assistance during this situation. Your information has been very helpful and crucial to helping us making this decision and we definitely appreciate all of your help.]

Best Regards,

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